Alexander Lövberg

Game Programmer

Dstny Hotline

A Dating Game where you get the chance to meet your mystery date with different fun and exciting games. You simply activate your account by answering our “Quick Fire” questions and thru compatibility we will match you and your destiny partner.

• C# • Generalist • UX • iOS • Android •

Rest A-shored

A group of teenagers are stranded on an island and have no idea how to survive. Its your job to try and guide these defiant people and help them survive until they find a way to get home again.

• C++ • Speech-to-Text •

The Good Few

The Good Few is a colorful turn-based role-playing game sprinkled with city-building elements and resource management. The game revolves around the story of a band of mercenaries who get drawn into an unending conflict between a trinity of nations, each with its own reasons for bloodshed and conquest.

• C# • Gameplay •

Passion Projects

This is a collection of small scale projects or features extracted from bigger projects.

Procedual 2D Texture (interactive)
Boid AI (interactive)

• Procedual Structure • AI •


Momentum is set in a place where the technology is run on the forces of time. In order to sustain it, time has been harvested from several timelines. Due to this harvest, the time continuum has started to fall apart. It is up to you to find the locks which are keeping the time vault closed and release time back into the world before it is too late.

• C# • Player Movement • Tools •