Alexander Lövberg

Game Programmer

Dstny Hotline

  • Roles: Generalist
  • Time: 2019 Aug - Now
  • Engine: Unity3D
  • Language: C#
  • Genre: Dating
  • Team Size: 5 (4 programmers)
  • Data: 2019

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“A Dating Game where you get the chance to meet your mystery date with different fun and exciting games. You simply activate your account by answering our “Quick Fire” questions and thru compatibility we will match you and your destiny partner. Using distance activated face to face video calls, you will have 60 seconds to pick up.

What happens next is up to you!”

(Description extracted from 29.10.2019)

My Experience

I joined this project in the end of the development and, since we were a small team most of us worked on several parts of the application. I would describe my role as “generalist” since I worked with

  • Fixing various bugs related to thing such as visual inconsistencies or faulty values from the backend server.
  • Improving visuals to stisfy the customer while also keeping the flow of the experience.
  • Generally polishing the application for release.

This is my first experience develeoping for a mobile device. It has been a great project with extremely nice and helpful people.